Usefulness and Meaning of Challenge Coins

In organized groups involving a large number of people, there is a need for proper identification and order. One valuable identification and recognition tool used in these groups is the challenge coin. Challenge coin takes a form of a tiny coin or a medal. They bear the organization's insignia or emblem. They have had a variety of uses in various agencies such as military and also civilian usage. Their usage has been around for quite some time. They have stood the test of time due to the work they do in building team loyalty and camaraderie. The challenge coins can be military or custom military coins.
Military challenge coins have traditionally been used to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. 

Historically these coins were given to recognize a special unit commander for a special achievement of a unit. Over the years the evolution of military challenge coin has been seen. It has evolved from a simple design to more complex and colorful variations. These insignias and emblems have a key role in a military man's life. Being a first responder formation, it helps the holder stand out. This allows the validation of the officer to avert any harm to mistaken identity. In other cases, they have been used by heads of states who are chief military commanders as a sign of welcome to other dignitaries.

Custom challenge coins have been a result of expansion in the use of the traditional military challenge coin. This has led to the creating of variants of different qualities and nature. It has been designed to represent other agencies who use it. It is a derivative of a customized challenge coin. By distributing your own challenge to your staff, you build up a strong bond that money alone cant achieve. Custom challenge coins have served a fantastic role as gifts to loyal clients as well as suppliers. Every member of staff will be happy to receive a customized beautiful coin to the appreciation. In business, it depends on not only the trust and efficiency of suppliers and customers but also an appreciation of loyalty. This modern setup of business thinking has had a great bearing on the use of challenge coins hence leading to high use of custom challenge coins. Read more about challenge coins here:

Therefore, challenge coins being either military or custom challenge coins have been used for common purposes such as. A sign of identification through emblems and insignias o members of a unit. They have been used to create comradeship and boost morale. Challenge coins have also been used in diplomatic circles to welcome dignitaries as tokens of appreciation. Get more details here: